Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just Get Started

The new year is here and I'm sure most of you made resolutions to make your life better, become more financially free, improve your health, quit smoking, or whatever it is you have made a resolution to do.

Well the only thing I have to say about that is...


And keep after it until you have achieved whatever it is you have resolved to do. Don't expect it to happen overnight. For instance, depending on how long you were smoking, by trying to quit overnight and never smoke again will not happen. Believe me I've tried it many times. I didn't quit until I could do it gradually. Even then it was difficult since nicotine is very addicting. With the aid of a patch and nicotine gum, I was eventually able to quit without the urge to start again.
Another thing I found that helped a lot was to replace your smoking habit with something else.

If you have the desire to become more healthy, do more exercise, start gradually and do it on a consistent basis.

Therefore, whatever it is you have made a resolution to do, the only thing you can do is...


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Charlie said...

Hello Amigo!!!!
I just was searching a little bit and I said I know this guy..very good...but i'm still smoking..I like the way you wrote this is very interesting all the thisng that you can learn on the internet...but as I said...time that is all that I need to do it..
Best regards,
Charlie from CR.