Friday, August 22, 2008

Avoid doing this at all costs

Sorry, but I need to RANT for a minute, so bear with me...

I just received another one of those so-called "free" report
offers in my email. Something about multiplying my income...
blowing away my competition... yadda yadda...

So like a fool, I go check out the report, and it's nothing but
a barely concealed sales pitch for some lame new product that
I'm not even interested in!

Worst thing?

There wasn't one *bit* of USEFUL information in the report at all!

I mean, give me a break! How many more of these lame "free"
offers are we going to have to put up with? It's like everybody
and his or her dog is putting out this useless garbage.

The industry is FLOODED with them!

Trust me: this is NOT how you do FREE (unless, of course, your
goal is to anger or alienate your customers and subscribers, and
KILL your chances of developing a strong relationship with them).

And here's the thing... if these jokers understood how to REALLY
do free, their customers and subscribers would see them as heroes,
rather than dummies.

Case in point?

Derek Gehl recently released a set of FREE videos that provide
a TON of value, with real, step-by-step information that ANYONE
can follow to make SERIOUS profits on the Internet (potentially
thousands of dollars a MONTH), even if you don't have website!

These videos are about getting started on eBay, and they're FULL
of tested and proven strategies for getting wealthy on eBay that
he and his in-house team of elite mentors spent MONTHS pulling

I watched them, and was really impressed by their content.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they're revealing profit
secrets in these videos that even the top sellers on eBay don't
know about!

And if you read the marketing blogs, you'll see that people are
LOVING them!

Everyone's raving about how USEFUL the videos are, and how
grateful they are to Derek for giving them such a great head-start
to making a solid income online.

Now THAT'S how you do free!

I won't show you the example of the CRUMMY free offer (to protect
the guilty), but I *will* show you Derek's videos. They're worth
taking a look at:



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