Saturday, April 12, 2014

A better life? It can be…

I don't know about you, but I think it's time I have a look at doing something better for my life and my family.  I've been working for many years  just trying to maintain the living style which I like.  I don't drive big fancy cars, live in a mansion, or spend time on the beaches drinking Mai Tais.  My day is one of work, sometimes overwhelming, but work it is.  
I spent many years working for someone else.  The past six years, I've been on my own, not being accountable to anyone but myself and my family.  I have not had to be somewhere, except where I wanted to be in that time.  No rushing to the airport to catch a plane to who knows where, to try to satisfy a customer's needs.  
Now, I normally  get in my pickup and travel to satisfy a customer's need, but it's in a different light and for a different purpose.  Indeed sometimes it difficult and sometimes it's easy, but the customers are usually satisfied with the service I provide.  
The only draw back to what I'm doing now, is the fact that I have to do this mostly on a daily basis and in some cases seven days a week just to keep up with the schedule.  When I first started it was an exciting time.  I had work to do, without having someone else tell me where to go or what to do.  I was able to create my own schedule, and at times work when I wanted.  It all sounds amazing, that one can be their own boss but there are also struggles that have to answered as well.
There are many things that have to be done as your own boss, earning  your own living, and you have to wear many hats in order to satisfy the business.  In the end however, you have the satifaction that you've done a great job, and satified your customer in hopes they will have to back to perform other jobs.
It's a great sense of being free to do what you need to do, but there are some road blocks you have to overcome.  Like having the motivation to keep going.  My motivation is the fact that there are bills to pay and groceries to put on the table, if I want to eat.  I keep going because I don't like people I owe money to calling me to try and collect when I don't have the funds to pay their bill.  For more that six years now, I've only been late on a couple of payments, and still have a great credit rating.
Even though I enjoy what I'm doing, it does wear on me at times.  Therefore, I've found something different that I'm pursuing and I want to share that with you.  
In my spare time I roam around the Internet looking for opportunities that in some possible way will help me with creating a new income so I can slowly start to do things I really want to do.  You know I have to keep paying the bills and buying groceries to maintain what I have now.  
In my roaming of the Internet, I've found a couple of mentors I follow.  These guys have been doing business on the Internet for a long time.  They started from scratch and clawed their way to where they are today.  Both help many thousands of people by providing information that have helped several hundreds to their own success.  
The reason I use these guys as mentors is they don't fill you full of fluff and claims that you'll get rich overnight.  In fact they both say slow and steady wins the race.  They don't have any magic buttons to push and there aren't any.  When doing Internet marketing you have to work it as  you work at any other job.  There is money to be made using the Internet, but you have to work to get it.  It doesn't just come flying out of the monitor like many so called gurus like you to believe.
The two guys I follow are Jim Cockrum and Dennis Becker. When you read further on, and look at their material you will see why I follow them.  They don't fill you full of empty promises.  They've worked hard to get where they are and have helped hundreds of other to do the same.
The first book is and update that has been around for about 10 years.  I bought the original book and I receive every update when a revision is published.  Now you can get the latest update for a fraction of the price I paid for the original book, and let me tell you it's even better now.  You can find information on the book at
The next book that was recently released and is very affordable for a short time is one that will show you how to start creating an income without investing anything except for your time.  With any business it normally takes money to make money, but when you go through this book you will realize you can start a business of your own that can make provide you a very nice income without enormous start up cost.  In fact if you can follow the steps in the book, you can start producing an Internet income with no cost.
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